Miller FSC owns and operates all four of Fiji's sugar mills and the railway systems. FSC's four sugar mills are located at Lautoka, Rarawai and Penang on Viti Levu, and on Vanua Levu can crush over 4.2 million tonnes of cane in an average length of about 28-30 weeks, extending from late May to December. The mills have a combined crushing rate per hour of over a 100 tonnes.

Sugar Cane Growers Council

All of the sugarcane in Fiji is grown by 22500 independent farmers who to the mill in their respective e majority of the farmers are Indians who represent 76%, and the remaining 24% are Fijians. The average farm holding at present is about 4.6 hectares per farmer.

The first Council election was held in 1985 with three Councillors elected for each of the 37 sectors. In accordance with an amendment to the Sugar Industry Act, the second Council election, held in 1992, elected one councillor for each sector, and one additional member for each district, appointed by the Minister of Primary Industries, Forestry & Cooperatives.

The Council has established offices in each of the eight cane growing districts. Its head office situated in Suva, co-ordinates all the activities of the council. The Council is represented on the Board of Management of the Sugar Growers Fund, the Sugar Commission of Fiji and Mill Area Committees.

Growers have a 40% shareholding in South Pacific Fertilizers Ltd and they are also represented on its Board of Directors. The Council is committed to improving the economic growth and social being of growers and the provision of a range of services to growers.

Sugar Industry Tribunal

The Tribunal consists of one person, who is appointed by the Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, after consultation with the Commission. The person has to be qualified to be appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of Fiji or be a person with extensive experience in economics or industrial relations.

Sugar Cane Growers Fund

The Sugar Cane Growers Fund was established by Act No.9 of 1984, enacted by the Parliament of Fiji on 26 July 1984. It is the successor to the Cane Price Support Fund and the Stabilization Fund. Its functions are generally to provide financial assistance to growers to improve cane farming efficiency and living standards and to assist farmers in times of disasters.

iTaukei Land Trust Board

In 1940 the Government established the iTaukei Land Trust Board to handle leasing and rent arrangements for Fijian-owned land, which makes up about 83percent of Fiji's total. The Board deals with relations between landowners and farmers. The rights of both groups are protected by special legislation, the Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act.

Sugar Research Institute Of Fiji

To establish the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji for the purpose of promoting, by means of research and investigation, the technical advancement, efficiency and productivity of the sugar industry, and to provide for its functions, powers, administration and finance and for related matters.

The function of the Science Audit Committee is to monitor and review (including preparation of reports and recommendations) the quality and output of any research carried out by the Institute.

The contribution by the growers and the Corporation shall, with the certification of the Tribunal, be deducted from the sugar proceeds in accordance with the provision of the Master Award.