Apprenticeship & Traineeships


Apprenticeship is offered in one major trade which is engineering. We recruit placement in the workforce every year. When apprenticeships become available, we generally start advertising at the end of December the previous year, with a closing date by the end of February the following year. Work commencement is usually in April the same year or before the crushing season begins. We provide information on apprenticeships when there is a Careers Expo held. Apprentice masters will be present as well as for the interested applicants to speak with them. We have a procedure of three months from closing date of application whereby the shortlisted candidates are interviewed for selection based on certain criteria. Successful applicant is then directed to have the medicals done before commencing the work.
Apprentice Application Form


Fiji Sugar Corporation offers traineeships from time to time in all the areas of administration. Traineeships are coordinated and supported by the Training Centre. The participants for these training sessions are for both new and existing staff. For new staff there is an induction program and for existing staff we provide refresher trainings. These trainings are conducted by internal personnel and sometimes external personnel of appropriate expertise