Training & Development

Our Mission:

To provide skilled personnel at all levels of the corporation’s workforce through appropriate and effective training.

Our goals:
  • To continually identify and update the corporation’s training needs.
  • To set and maintain training standards which achieve the required maximum, indisputable results and in accordance with the Fiji National Training Act.
  • To continually develop and review training courses in order to achieve both maximum effectiveness of current and future training and the resultant measurable improvement of worker skills.
  • To provide and maintain thorough training and staff developments in relevant career paths to facilitate high performer’s succession into management positions.
  • To maintain an effective Apprenticeship training scheme that provides for both corporation and National needs.
  • To enhance worker's productivity by promoting re-skilling and up-skilling through continual review and development of training programs.
  • To maintain staff awareness of contemporary industrial developments through appropriate training.