Farm Husbandry

We have a farming calendar which is scheduled to be followed and these are:

  • Cane planting season is in two windows.
  • The first and major is from April – May when fallow planting takes place.
  • The second window is from late September to October where replanting takes place.
  • Land preparation should be initiated at least 0ne month before planting.
  • Field staffs collect soil samples after the first ploughing to analyse soil fertility and health in terms of P, K and pH values.
  • Blend A (mostly phosphorus) should be applied at the rate of 2 – 4 bags per hectare in the drills during planting
  • Blend B fertilizers should be applied as a top-dress application at 12 – 16 bags per hectare at the end of the germination period, around 4 – 6 after planting.
  • Blend C fertilizer should be applied on young ratoon crops.
  • Sugarcane grows best in soil in the range of 5.5 to 6.5 pH.
  • Where the soil is deemed acidic (below 5.5 pH), liming should be incorporated into the soil, preferably at the time of planting.
  • Depending on the clay content of the soil, it would require 1 – 2.5 tonnes per hectare of lime to improve the soil pH by 1.0 unit.