Harvesting and Transportation

FSC have also been able to help the farmers in facilitating with the harvesting and transportation costs. FSC through the field division is responsible for the orderly and efficient harvest and delivery of sugarcane from the field to the factory.

  • FSC owns and operates the entire 300km of railway infrastructure free of charge.
  • FSC has bought its own mechanical harvester to address labour shortage and rising costs.
  • The use of prisoners to cut cane is a good initiative.
  • We have bought new locos to boost delivery of cane by rail.
  • Ultimately, FSC would like to take over the management of cane harvesting and delivery so that farmers can concentrate on growing the best sugarcane crops of the highest sugar content.

Field mechanization projects are ongoing. While the industry is looking at a mechanical pool, the FSC has gone further to actually acquire its own machinery like tractors, implements and harvester for its farm estates.

With funding, FSC would like to bring further rail upgrade, acquire more mechanical harvesters and moving mechanically harvested cane using caged bins over the rail system.