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From the sugar manufacturing process we create the following bi-products:

  • Molasses – is exported as Molasses. In future we are planning to use Molasses to produce Ethanol as 10% blend in vehicle fuel.
  • Bagasse – it is used as boiler fuel to generate steam for Cogeneration plants and processing sugar cane juice up to sugar crystals.
  • Mill Mud – is used as manure for the cane farms and other produce for farmers. Embark on a project with FNU on Methane gas production using mill mud.

Some of the latest Green projects underway are:

  • Labasa 10MW Cogeneration Plant.
  • Rarawai 5MW Turbo Generator Set.
  • Rarawai 40MW Cogeneration Plant

The bi-product of sugar cane, bagasse is used as fuel in the Boilers to produce high pressure steam. This is used in the Cogeneration plant to rotate the Turbo Generator and produce Electrical Energy. Bagasse (Green fuel) is used.

FSC is using the bi-product, bagasse as fuel to generate Electricity to export into the FEA Grid. FSC is assisting in the Green Energy development and also gets some income selling power to FEA Grid.

Future Plans:
  • Lautoka 10MW Turbo Generator
  • Ethanol Plant.