Government Grants

$8.4M Government Support
2014 Sugar Cane Planting Program

The grant is the impetus that the Sugarcane Industry Action Plan (SAP) needs to reach a crop volume of 5.2 M tones cane from 70,000 hectares with an average yield of 74 tc/ha in 2022.

The industry is therefore grateful to Government for providing a financial grant of $8.40M in 2014 to support a cane planting program to bring back some 28,000 Ha of long fallow area into cane production over an 8-year planting program beginning in 2014.

The grant therefore also has an incentive component for farmers to plough out and replant uneconomical plots after harvesting in 2014.

The grants allocated must be expended on the basis of approved established criteria, reflected in growers’ grant entitlement and adequate records kept for all levels of expenditure.

The National Steering Committee, comprising the sponsor and stakeholders’ representatives, will provide policy directions and where necessary, review aspects of the project and make decisions for the efficient delivery of the project outcomes.